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Yechiel Safra regularly prays on Graves of the Righteous.
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Yechiel Safra today
The same smile, minus 214 lbs
Yechiel Safra in the past
after he already lost 95 lbs and agreed to take a photo...
The amazing real-life story of Yechiel Safra, a Bar-Mitzva tutor and Baal Kore in Arutz 7 and Kol Israel, has been covered several times by the Israeli media. 18 years ago, Yechiel Safra weighed 338 lbs and considered himself to be a hopelessly overweight person. Yet within 7 months of receiving a unique recipe from a Kabbalah master in the Galilee, he lost 157 lbs. In the time to follow he lost another 57 lbs, all in all an astounding 214 lbs, about two-thirds of his original weight.

People who meet yechiel Safra today, find it hard to believe that this slim and vital person, was in the past a vastly overweight man. "I could hardly pass through the door," Says Yechiel, "I tried all kinds of diets, powders and pills, but as it is with all diets - for every pound I lost, I gained two."

The recipe that totally changed his life was given to him while he studied Kabbalah in Zefath (Northern Israel). One day the Rabbi gave him a recipe of making a special blend, and asked him to take it every morning. He did not say why. "I bought the ingredients in the supermarket - fairly simple things, and did as he said. The blend had no special taste. I didn't even think about it during the rest of the day, I just took five spoons every morning and went on with my life."

After a while people started telling Yechiel that he seemed to get slimmer. "I didn't even notice it until then. Clearly The blend caused me a feeling of fullness for the whole day, while providing me with some nutritional needs. Until then I was used to think that weightloss meant suffering, hunger and rigid self-discipline, and all of a sudden I found myself losing weight without realizing how. I consulted nutritionists, and asked them to prepare me a balanced daily menu, which I attach to the blend's recipe I send. I emphasize that when using the recipe you must eat something even if you are not hungry. Proper eating does not interrupt the weightloss process. On the contrary, it helps."

Since he started - with the blessing of his Kabbalah Master - to distribute the recipe, Yechiel got many letters of gratitude. Some short like "Thanks for everything!", and some very touching, like a letter from a woman who wrote that she lost 58 lbs, and for the the first time after 11 years of futile attempts managed to get pregnant. "This was a very moving letter, though I do not claim to be a 'miracle maker'," says Yechiel, "apparently the improvement of her general physical condition, had its affect on that too."

Yechiel is used to questions about how he manages to keep his weight for all these years. "That's the point, that I don't have to keep some strict self-discipline. I just keep on using the blend once in a while, to maintian the results I achieved. What's convenient about this system is that things happen naturally, it does not require any special efforts. You get the recipe itself, and not a product which you must keep on buying. The customer pays $98 only once, and that's all. I do not become a constant burden on his bank account. I am happy to help him and to see more people going through the same change as myself."

The recipe comes with attached pages, in which you can find many precious tips to accelerate the weightloss process.

All the ingredients required for the blend are KOSHER

* using the blend is strictly prohibited to people who do not eat gluten (Celiac patients)
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The blend was examined by nutriotionists Bruriah Tal and Professeur Ilana Blum, who expressed their opinion: "The blend causes a feeling of fullness, and prevents part of the calories from absorbing."

The customer receives the recipe itself, and it's his forever. That means only one-time payment, while he/she can make the blend again and again.

Yechiel Safra is a religious person, who donates part of his sales to charity on a regular basis. Organization "Yad Sarah" of helping the disabled, has granted him a special certificate of honour, of the same category as given to major companies like Coca Cola and El-Al Israeli Airlines.

TV interview with Yechiel Safra (English subtitles)

The blend's ingredients are common low-cost products, most of them found on the supermarket shelf, often as part of regular food shopping.

Among other things, Yechiel Safra is a satire and humor writer. He is the head writer of the famous Israeli performer Tuvia Tzafir, and is well known to the Israeli public from humor TV programs.

A famous entertainer, who tried Safra's Weightloss System, lost 25 lbs and stopped using the diet, explaining: "I was fed up with stepping into restaurants without being hungry."